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Wrap up and final projects. Prep for demo day and landing your first job!

CSS and JavaScript
Visual Studio
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Richy Rich


6:30pm to 8pm – Lecture Activity

8PM to 9:30PM – Coding Challenge


6:30PM to 8PM – Code Reviews, Lecture Activity

8PM to 9:30PM – Coding Labs


10AM – 12:30PM Lecture Activity

12:30PM – 2PM Peer programming, Code Reviews, Labs

There is a shortage of skilled web developers and the job opportunities continue to increase.  By learning to code you are opening up new doors and tapping into a new market.

Al Delcy

Learning to code can actually boost skills which are useful to most jobs. Problem solving and logic are just some of the skills one will learn.

Victor Moreno

Computing has impacted every industry. Regardless of the field, learning to code enhances your skill set and makes you invaluable to your existing and new employer.

Pedro Sastre

What will you learn?

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Are the starting blocks for web development.


A customizable text editor that is a desktop application built using web technologies.

Mongo DB

A database storage that is accessed through Node js for building web applications.


Bootstrap is a large repository of reusable bits of code written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  It’s framework allows you to quickly build fully responsive websites.

Node JS

A back-end language that will manages database operations, user authentication, and application logic.


A package manager for JavaScript.  The world’s largest software registry,

Visual Studio

The most popular development environment.  It is the most commonly used to write code.

Git Hub

A version control system for development teams to keep track of changes made to code.

Git Hub

Development of complex applications like code structure, host large media files, structure data, computational tasks and more.